About PCIT

PCIT is an innovative, brief-term, award-winning coaching approach proven to enhance parent-child relationships, help parents increase their child’s self-reliance and social skills as well as effectively address their child’s problem behaviors.

Observing from behind a one-way mirror, a therapist coaches the parent through a wireless earpiece on how to handle behavioral issues immediately and appropriately at the moment they occur.” 

PCIT Serves:

Families with children ages 2 – 10 may display difficulties with:

  • Temper tantrums, Whining
  • Backtalk, Defiance
  • Refusal to follow directions
  • Constantly seeking attention
  • Engaging in power struggles
  • Sad or anxious moods
  • Disruption in daycare, school, or home settings
  • Aggressive behavior towards parents, siblings, and other children

Child Guidance Center (CGC):  Founded in 1967, CGC helps children and parents throughout Orange County achieve their potential as loving, responsible families.  Each week, CGC’s multi-disciplinary team treats more than 1,000 children and families for behavioral issues as well as more severe emotional and psychological problems.
For more information: www.cgcoc.org

PCIT Certification:

  • Trained by UC Davis, CAARE Team  in 2004; ongoing advanced training in PCIT methodology.  www.pcittraining.tv
  • Largest provider of PCIT services in Orange County
  • CGC has provided PCIT services to 1200+ families and children
  • 18+ PCIT-trained clinicians, bilingual

PCIT is offered to Southern California families on a sliding scale fee basis.  Information required for health insurance reimbursement is provided to the family upon request.  For those families who qualify, services may be covered by a government program.


Dad reading to child